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1.1 Studio is a full service video production company that was founded in 2015. In 7 years 1.1 Studio has produced dozens of films/serials/web and TV projects and has become one of the most advanced production studios in the country.

1.1 Studio

1.1 Studio

1.1 Studio is a full service video production company that was founded in 2015. In 7 years 1.1 Studio has produced dozens of films/serials/web and TV projects and has become one of the most advanced production studios in the country.

seasons of entertainment shows
minutes of video content
followers on social media
seasons of tv series
1.1 Studio in numbers

Better me

A reality show highlighting common problems in Central Asia in the areas of gender equality, innovation, and inspiring viewers to take a positive view of the future of their countries and the development of small businesses.
The main characters are three girls striving to show that women can.


A robber, an animator dressed as Santa Claus, two pensioners and a single mother get stuck in an elevator on a nonresidential floor on December 31st just hours before New Year's Eve. Finding themselves together in the same elevator, they realize that they are united not only by this problem, but also by other circumstances that further change their fate.

“Dvizheniye Kylysh kerek”

The movie tells the story of a young man who is not satisfied with his life, but makes no effort to change it. The main character, Bolot, is an image of an average Kyrgyz citizen who is not poor but is not rich either. He has a wife and a job, but no ambition or prospects. In difficult moments in Bolot's life, a coach, Kenesh, appears with his training for success.


The story takes place in the early 2000s. The main character of the film - 16-year-old Daniyar goes to a new school, where he makes friends with his classmates and becomes a member of a gang led by a feisty and local guy - Vanchopa. Together with his new friends, Daniyar faces serious problems, because they crossed the road of the real mafia.

“Koshunalar Kinodo"

This movie is a sequel to the popular series “Koshunany Tandabayt.”
Where three families live on the same staircase and soon another couple is going to move in with them.

The main characters are in great financial difficulties, and one day they find out about a buried treasure that was hidden in the mountains more than 100 years ago.Who will be the first to find the treasure?!

“Ne zhanylyk”

A comedy news project describing situations beginning with social issues and ending with political ones.

"Lutaya studio”

"Lutaya studio” has been a YouTube project of 1.1 Studio since 2017.
The channel produces informative and cognitive content about how certain projects are created.

During the channel's existence, 64 exclusive episodes have been published.

“Do+Fa 2”

Dooron and Farida met at the conservatory and fell in love despite language and social barriers. Now Dooron is approaching the most important moment of his life: he decides to propose to Farida. The man in love hears the cherished "yes" from the girl of his dreams in a luxurious place with live music... But as it turns out, this is only the beginning of the trials of love. The young bride and groom prepare for their wedding and the start of their married life together.


"Birtuuganchik" is a film about family relationships and family values.
As of today, the SoCinema critical group has its own list of very good domestic films. There are only three pictures on this list, and "Birtuuganchik" completes the list.
The film "Birtuuganchik" won the "Ak Ilbirs" film award as the highest-grossing film of 2015. Total box is more than 500 000 USD in Kyrgyzstan.

The film "Birtuuganchik" won in the "Breakthrough of the Year" category.

Web series Zombets/Zombets 2

"Zombets" is the first international project of Salem social media and 1.1 Studio. The story is set in a post-apocalyptic world, where three friends live in a world of zombies. The main characters find a video camera, which becomes an involuntary participant in the lives of the survivors: they play console games, watch movies and make fun of each other all day long. The guys are used to living by the notions of the streets, give little thought to saving the world and take lightly the extinction of humanity. In two seasons, "Zombetts" has garnered more than 28 million views.

"Zombets" made it to the Webfest Berlin International Festival (Germany) in the Sci-Fi/Fantasy/Horror category.

“Erke sary”

The first musical show, with the participation of our domestic stars. Each episode has a new guest who participates in different games.

Sketchcom "El emne deit?"

"The show is about the seven areas of our country and their uniqueness. Certain stereotypes have long been formed about each region. And each person living in the country, from small to large, in their own way is rich, hospitable and, most importantly, hospitable, because they are all motivated and united by the expression "El emne deit?

“En Myky show”

Humorous show, interviews and games with the show's guests, actors, artists and other media representatives.

Multiseries “Koshunany tandabayt”

A TV series about family values, gender equality in Kyrgyzstan, and parent-child relationships.
"Koshunany tandabayt" has become one of the most watched series in the country.

Zharait City Sketchcom

"Zharait City" project about the city of Bishkek appeared on screens in the fall of 2015. The program is very popular and makes fun of the negative phenomena and trends that are observed in the Kyrgyz society.

Show “The Main Character” (Show Glavnyi Geroi) ( GG Show / GG Show 2 )

The Glavnyi Geroi Show is a short film show. A new episode is a new hero.
Each episode features top viners and bloggers from Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan.

“Chernyi dvor”

16-year-old guys from the dysfunctional “black yard”, impressed by trendy gangster series, dreaming of becoming the same cool gangsters. To do this, four friends decide on a “big” case, after which they realize that in life everything is not like in the movies.

“Akcha” (Money)

Aziz is the main character of the TV series "AKCHA". After the death of his parents, he goes in the wrong direction. He connects his life with the criminal world and uses his athletic skills to collect debts. But everything changes after meeting Asel. He decides to break with his dark past, but for this he must change. As a result, he begins to help people who have made financial mistakes.

1.1 Studio team has shot more than 400 commercials and social videos.

The studio provides full-cycle production services, from creative writing to fully finished video.

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